It's raining bullets

I have always been fascinated by works of Adrian Chmielarz, from the times of Metropolis Software on. Naturally then, I am following really closely on the development of Bulletstorm. Damn, I even hoped to talk to The Guy or Mieszko Zielinski at the gameaiconf in Paris, but Alex told me that “whoa, PCF are so busy with the new IP that they didn’t have time to come this year, next year they’ll be here, hopefully”.

Having something so deeply embedded in your mind that you’re always thinking of it. While you eat, while you talk, in your sleep. That’s the way I do like to work. Reading about making of Bulletstorm gives me creeps as I do feel their hyperenthusiasm about the thing, I do feel that they take this game everywhere with them. To dinner, breakfast, party. That’s the way I do like to work.

Now back on track, an interview which triggered this urge to flush my thoughts here. Interview with Tanya Jessen, producer at Epic.

People make games so other people can have fun. How selfless.

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