How not to blog

Today’s post is definitely not a tech one. Or maybe just a bit. It’s about blogging, from the other side of the keyboard. PEBKAC-style. Fun-fact: Did you know that ‘kac’ in Polish means ‘hangover’ ? To the point. I realised that I have dozens of posts in the state of started but definitely not finished. Why is that so ? Is it that I am superbusy with my new work ? Kinda. Is that that I am the guy responsible for the installation of the sound system in one of the new Wrocław’s clubs ? Sounds pretty serious but still not a perfect excuse. The thing is that there is no right excuse for not doing something you want to do. Do it or don’t. Don’t pretend to. The funny thing is that the smallest possible posts, like this one brought me the most views. I don’t wanna loose you guys because I don’t feel like blogging recently. Mine unfinished tech posts won’t probably make it because I just don’t remember what were these small tech tricks I used to solve that problems. Not even wrote them down as I was so enlightened by the superiority of my solutions. Don’t do that. Take notes about everything which you would possibly need and start working on the sentences and wording. Right now. Go. Hit publish and let the world know. Thanks go to TC & Mark Suster.

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