Speeding up Eclipse/Aptana

As you know Aptana is Eclipse. And Eclipse is a Java-based IDE which means it’s not particularly a speedy one. However if you have a decent amount of ram, like 4gb, it’s fairly easy to speed the Eclipse up. Find eclipse.ini or aptana.ini or other file which contents look similar. These settings are from my Linux box - I know that MacOS can get scared by higher values there; if you encounter any problems - try lowering the Xmx and/or others.


These settings are for the 4gb ram box, try to find the ones which suit you best. MaxPermSize stands for the maximum amount of the memory to be used by the Java internals, Xms gives the amount of heap allocated on the VM start and Xmx is the heap size limit. Start by upping Xms value as it’s often too small which causes the Java VM to make lots of heap resizes on the app start.

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