Idea for a curated links directory

I read a lot. Of books and news alike. Oh, and whitepapers too. And some recipes maybe. Some of them I find by my RSS reader. Some are given to me by colleagues at work, some arrive by mail, sometimes even in somewhat curated, described form. I read through most of them. And resend. Often I want to share a particular piece with friends of mine and possibly some other people too. Most often I do this by pasting the link into the IM window or email it to a particular person I know might be interested. Then I recall the other person who would also love to hear about this. Then I need to search the IM logs or my Delicious. And all of this only to hear that the people mentioned did not have the time to read the article referred but would love to in the future. Just not right now. I need a system for this. I read something, I archive it in the system. People sign up or I do sign them up. People receive my curated links list in a more or less regular email. But there is also a public, searchable web directory for all the previous editions. Is there anything like it around ? Open source please. Selfhosted please. If not - I’m just gonna write it.

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