Sporting Let's Encrypt certificate

Let’s Encrypt is a soon to be publicly available service to provide TLS certificates for free and in automated fashion. I’m helping them test their systems by participating in the beta programme. Because of that this site is now sporting, publicly recognizable certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Yay ! The work they are doing I believe is of much importance. Lack of easy path for getting TLS certificate was a major hurdle for the most of the website owners, otherwise keen on getting their traffic encrypted. This, in turn, is important for two reasons. Not allowing the content you are viewing on the internet to be snooped at, not leaking you private data is one thing. Other, less known, but as much important, is countering the ability of injecting any malicious code/data into the responses from the servers you got and in turn preventing lots of man in the middle attacks. Hopefully, when Let’s Encrypt becomes publicly available we would be on the path to much more friendly internet for all.  

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