Using ad hoc Docker volumes on SELinux systems

I’ve recently tried running some quick Docker commands using host’s directory as a volume: docker run -i -t -v `pwd`:/mnt debian:jessie bash -c "ls -hal /mnt" ls: cannot open directory /mnt: Permission denied I use Fedora as my main OS, which, it turns out, has some pretty nice SELinux settings. These deny access from inside the container to the outside. Said Fedora consists mostly of almost-newest-but-stable everything though, which makes Docker to be in a fairly recent version. [Read More]

RustFest - organization was the best. Also rhymes.

I went to RustFest and it was amazing ! It was clearly the best conference organizational-wise I’ve been to so far. It made me think of what I really liked there. What made it so awesome and welcomy ? To me this was a large number of small things just coming together. I listing them here for me to remember and for others to use. Let’s make conferences at least this friendly, together ! [Read More]

The best terminal emulator for Windows 10's Bash or how to run X applications

update as of 03/2017 As this article is by far the most popular on my site right now I feel that an update is necessary, as the landscape evolved a bit since the original publish date. Conemu started to support Bash on Windows properly now and this is what I settled on in the end. The article below is still relevant for the running X applications on Windows part though. [Read More]

Don't throw away. Fix.

Try fixing your things. It’s already broken - no need to sweat. You might learn something. Level 2 - push for things to be easily fixable. It’s good for you. It’s good for the planet. I m g 20160612 120723 I m g 20160612 120730 I m g 20160612 120814 I m g 20160612 120945 [Read More]

Conferences you did not know existed and now you know you just need to go to

Go to conferences. It’s good for you. Ever wondered why to go to conferences ? Is it worth it, especially if you do not feel confident that the conference is on something that would be in an immediate realm of your day-to-day interests ? Just go ! You might end up learning something and meeting new people. And new people mean more variables to mix up your life. A bit scary, I know. [Read More]

Productive New Year's Eve

It turns out that the last day of the year can be quite productive. I’ve managed to sneak in a PCB layout for the input measurement and protection board for my sunpowered. Got it ordered, can’t wait to test it ! I got carried away with via stitching there a bit - we’ll see how hard it will be to solder the larger components because of that. The whole project is hosted here - it’s open hardware so please do take a look. [Read More]

Sporting Let's Encrypt certificate

Let’s Encrypt is a soon to be publicly available service to provide TLS certificates for free and in automated fashion. I’m helping them test their systems by participating in the beta programme. Because of that this site is now sporting, publicly recognizable certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Yay ! The work they are doing I believe is of much importance. Lack of easy path for getting TLS certificate was a major hurdle for the most of the website owners, otherwise keen on getting their traffic encrypted. [Read More]