My CNC machining workflow

Hello ! Today we’ll talk about driving CNC machines, toolpaths and Debian, so stay tuned ! I have a separate old PC for driving the CNC machine via parallel port. This is, as they say, the Only Proper Way and It Was Always Like That. I’m thinking about changing this to USB+grbl in the future then ;) Up till now, my workflow went as follows; Do the research and drawing/parts modeling in FreeCad, on my main workstation Export to e. [Read More]

CNC router arrives

After 2 months of waiting - my CNC router arrives. 8 weeks lead time they said - 7 weeks and 4 days it was ! Who are they ? TanieCNC people [CheapCNC in Polish :]. Although it may look like they don’t know how to make websites AND their name does not instill a lot of confidence - but hey, they certainly know how to weld and make precise machinery ! [Read More]