Configure AWS Elastic Beanstalk Docker environment variables

AWS Beanstalk is a good ‘intermediate’ level hosting for Docker containers. It gives you load balancing and scalability pretty much out of the box in exchange for being a bit more opaque to configure. The Docker bits are a bit more hidden away there. In a typical production setup you would want to have Docker images not containing anything environment related, e.g. to be able to run them both in production and locally. [Read More]

Waiting for AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment to become ready

Elastic Beanstalk on AWS seems to be one of those services that are pretty cool but it’s hard to get to know them. One of the tasks you may encounter while working with it is that after making some change to its configuration you would like to wait for it to be finished before proceeding further. The change may be setting an environment variable but can also be deploying a new version of the application. [Read More]