RustFest - organization was the best. Also rhymes.

I went to RustFest and it was amazing ! It was clearly the best conference organizational-wise I’ve been to so far. It made me think of what I really liked there. What made it so awesome and welcomy ? To me this was a large number of small things just coming together. I listing them here for me to remember and for others to use. Let’s make conferences at least this friendly, together ! [Read More]

Conferences you did not know existed and now you know you just need to go to

Go to conferences. It’s good for you. Ever wondered why to go to conferences ? Is it worth it, especially if you do not feel confident that the conference is on something that would be in an immediate realm of your day-to-day interests ? Just go ! You might end up learning something and meeting new people. And new people mean more variables to mix up your life. A bit scary, I know. [Read More]