Tor talk

I gave a talk this Monday, an important one I think. The one from the kind of spreading knowledge on the safe internet usage to people not necessarily of the tech background. This was my first one given to a such audience and to add to it all, it was given in Polish. The biggest challenge ? Finding good equivalent for the English tech terms. I think the talk went quite okay and the discussion afterwards was lively. [Read More]

Debuggers - how do they work ?

I gave a talk yesterday. It was on debuggers. From VM-level debuggers to JTAG, quite a packed, high level overview. In fact I gave it before on another occasions. And this time was different, hence this post. The thing I am particularly proud of is that I was able to entertain the crowd for the first half of an hour despite not having any computer launched and connected. You know, like, interacting with actual people ! [Read More]