My 2019 setup

Here’s a list of software and some hardware I find useful, either things that I use daily or things that make an unusual task pleasant instead of incredibly difficult. This is constantly evolving, so please mind the publish date of this post to gauge how dated it is. The best place to get most recent settings I currently use is my dotfiles repository, especially the nixos configuration. Laptop and OS My daily driver is Thinkpad T480 running NixOS. [Read More]

Tools - precision gauge holder

This is the second part in the series on the tools I use. Tools that are surprisingly useful, tools that are not that obvious to find. Today: how to calibrate the CNC axis without actually cutting anything ? Use a test indicator ! How to hold the meter steady though, ? Attach it to the frame of your router using the power of magnets ! Sample item on Amazon here [affiliate link warning] [Read More]