Tor talk

I gave a talk this Monday, an important one I think. The one from the kind of spreading knowledge on the safe internet usage to people not necessarily of the tech background. This was my first one given to a such audience and to add to it all, it was given in Polish. The biggest challenge ? Finding good equivalent for the English tech terms. I think the talk went quite okay and the discussion afterwards was lively. [Read More]

Configuring Tor non-exit relay

I’m for privacy. I’m for cryptography. I do provide Tor relays for the good of all people. Here’s how to configure a classic non-exit Tor relay on your machine. In my case I got it running on the VPS server, with 2 IP addresses and some bandwidth quota applied. I wanted the Tor traffic to be easily recognizable from outside as different from the ’normal’ traffic coming from my server. Second requirement was to make Tor not use my whole traffic quota up. [Read More]