Enabling USB 3.0 in already existing Virtualbox VMs

Just a quick note on how to get USB 3.0 in Virtualbox for VMs that were created with USB 1.1 support only. First, download VirtualBox Extension Pack from here. Install it. Then quit Virtualbox completely. Go to your directory that contains your virtual machine and edit .vbox file. Replace the whole <USBController> section with the following: <USB> <Controllers> <Controller name="xHCI" type="XHCI"/> </Controllers> <DeviceFilters/> </USB> That’s it, let me know if it works for you ! [Read More]

Automating running Debian in VirtualBox

I’m experimenting with service separation by having each service run in its own operating system, all of the sharing hardware though. Why ? Separation seems to be the only secure approach to running any software. Check Joanna’s blog out. I went with VirtualBox on Debian 7 host, with, well, Debian 7 guests. First I’ve prepared template VM by creating a new VM and just proceeding with install. Then I tried spawning some clones of that, but having it done manually takes quite some time and is error prone. [Read More]

Installing MacOSX Server 10.6 on VirtualBox

Updated 2023: sadly nawcom is no more, I’ve removed dead links It all started with my work assignment of installing MacOSX Server 10.6 on the XServe rack. Briefly speaking, after debugging some hardware problem with the CPU temperature meter, I managed to install the base OSX server system there. After that I needed to set up VMs with 10.6 64bit and 10.4 32bit on top of that. Why so if already having 10. [Read More]