VPS Adventures part two

After some not so pleasurable experiences with the previous VPS hosting provider I started my search for some other one. This time not only google was involved but also aardvark and some of the “top XX best hosting providers” sites. Two results kept showing up. server4you and tilaa. Which one to choose then ? I wanted to give both of them a chance. server4you. I really tried to buy a VPS there and I failed. [Read More]

VPS adventures part one

As every person in the software industry I need ways to promote my humble self. A decent web page and online resume plus a blog maybe are a must these days. The question remains where to put them. Previously I had my site published within one of the polish hosting companies for free, as my friend was involved in its operations. Thanks Kajetan for 5 years of support ! And maybe it’d stay that way if not of that desire of mine to tinker and have control of every aspect of the technology power. [Read More]