Debuggers - how do they work ?

I gave a talk yesterday. It was on debuggers. From VM-level debuggers to JTAG, quite a packed, high level overview. In fact I gave it before on another occasions. And this time was different, hence this post. The thing I am particularly proud of is that I was able to entertain the crowd for the first half of an hour despite not having any computer launched and connected. You know, like, interacting with actual people ! We had some difficulties connecting to a beamer so I thought it’d be good to have an open discussion first. We’ve started with “unit tests vs debuggers”. Is having a rock solid unit tests suite enough for you to never touch a debugger ? After some time I’ve transitioned to my presentation, talked a bit about the history of debugging, then what are the features of modern debuggers and finally how all of these work. And while we’re at it I would like to give a shout out to the organizers of these 2 events. Thanks !

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