RustFest - organization was the best. Also rhymes.

I went to RustFest and it was amazing !

It was clearly the best conference organizational-wise I’ve been to so far. It made me think of what I really liked there. What made it so awesome and welcomy ? To me this was a large number of small things just coming together. I listing them here for me to remember and for others to use. Let’s make conferences at least this friendly, together !

Before the event:

  • very clear emails, repeating messages couple of times in different emails for the important stuff
  • maps of the popular routes provided, e.g. from the airport and bus station
  • supporter ticket sale - two times the price - you pay for another person that wouldn’t be able to get a ticket otherwise
  • survey on dietary requirements/allergies
  • survey on childcare needs
  • clear statement of the code of conduct for the conference

During the event:

  • very good MC person

    • keeping people entertained through the tech breaks
    • keeping tabs on the talk length, allowing appropriate amount of questions if the time allowed
  • live captioning of all talks - small screen outside of the view of the main screen with the text live

  • getting the next speaker prepared and mic-tested before the end of the current talk

  • quiet room to rest with clear rules on no talking and interrupting there

  • clear signage for the different parts of the venue (washrooms, quiet room, party space etc)

  • washrooms

    • all same, ungendered

    • basic items for free in said washrooms

      • chewing gum
      • tooth paste
      • tampons, pads
      • baby wipes
  • info desk/registration

    • clear info during registration, handing out programme
    • asking people if they want to be on the photos - giving out lanyards accordingly - flashy red lanyards for people who do not want photos of them taken
  • emergency number to call with stated purpose

    • code of conduct violation
    • if you are lost in the city

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